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1960 Evolution and Diffusion in the Field of Language. Lowie's Selected Papers in Anthropology, edited by Cora Du Bois, Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. 177-188 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1984 Evolution of Tourist Arts, (The). Annals of Tourism Research 11(3): 393-420 Graburn, Nelson H. H.
2000 Evolutionary perspectives on language and brain plasticity. Journal of Communication Disorders 33(4): 273-290 Deacon, Terrence
2004 The evolutionary spirit: Brains, language, and the human difference. Epic of Evolution: Science and Religion in Dialogue, (The). James B. Miller, (eds.), pp. 99-111. AAAS & Prentice Hall. Deacon, Terrence
2005 Explorations in the Deictic Field with CA comment. Current anthropology 46(2): 191 Hanks, William F.
2002 Final Dialogues. Languages of Archaeology: Dialogue, Narrative, and Writing, (The). Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. Pp. 145-150. Joyce, Rosemary A. 1956-
2001 Finding the Themes: Family, Anthropology, Language Origins, Peace and Conflict. Regional Oral History Office, University of California, Berkeley Foster, Mary LeCron
2006 First Congress of Ethnozoological Nomenclature. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 12(S1): S23-S44 Berlin, Overton Brent
1975 Foreword: Sociocultural Dimensions of Language Change. Sociocultural Dimensions Of Language Use, Edited by M. Sanches and B. Blount. New York: Academic Press.Sociocultural Dimensions Of Language Use. M. Sanches and B. Blount, (ed.). New York: Academic Press. Gumperz, John J. 1922-
2003 Foreword to Language and social identity. Language and social identity. Richard K. Blot (ed.) Westport CT: Praeger. Briggs, Charles L. 1953-
1960 Formal and Informal Standards in Hindi Regional Language Area. Linguistic Diversity in South Asia, Edited by J. Gumperz and C. Ferguson 92-118. RCAFL-P 13 Gumperz, John J. 1922-; Naim, C. M.
1942 Francis Drake's California Anchorage in the Light of the Indian Language Spoken There. Pacific Historical Review 11(2): 213 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979; Elmendorf, William W.
2003 From biology to consciousness to morality. Zygon 38(4): 801-819 Deacon, Terrence; Goodenough, U.
2002 From Immigrant to Citizen through State-Run Education: The Symbolic Structure of Public Education in Argentina during the Wave of Mass Italian Immigration (1880-1920s). Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Wilson, Marisa L.
1918 Frontiers of language and naitonality in Europe, (The), by Leon Dominian. American Anthropologist 20(3): 323 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1922 Fundamental Elements of Northern Yana, (The). University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology Sapir, Edward
2005 Gender, Genetics, and Generation: Reformulating Biology in Lesbian Kinship. Same-Sex Cultures and Sexualities, Jennifer Robertson (ed.), pp. 116-37. Malden, MA: Blackwell Hayden, Corinne P. 1970-
1993 Generic versus metapragmatic dimensions of Warao narratives: Who regiments performance?. Reflexive language: reported speech and metapragmatics, John A. Lucy (ed.), pp. 179-212. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Briggs, Charles L. 1953-
1995 Genre, intertextuality, and social power. Language, culture, and society: A book of readings, Ben G. Blount (ed.), pp. 567-608. Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Briggs, Charles L. 1953-; Bauman, Richard
1985 Grammar of Mam, a Mayan language, (A), by Nora England. Language 61(2): 484-487 Hanks, William F.
1929 Grammar of the Wappo Language, (A). University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology Radin, Paul
1958 Grant no. 2280 (1957), $1,000, Sign language of the Northern Great Plains Indian. American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge, (The), Year Book 1957, pp.418-19 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960; Voegelin, Charles Frederick
1990 La Herbolaria Medica Tzeltal-Tzotzil en los Altos de Chiapas, Mexico: Un Ensayo Preliminar Sobre Las Cincuenta Especies Botanicas de Uso Mas Frecuente. Herbolaria Medica Tzeltal-Tzotzil en los Altos de Chiapas. Mexico: Un Ensayo Preliminar Sobre Las Cincuenta Especies Botanicas de Uso Mas Frecuente, (La). Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico: Instituto Chiapaneco de Cultura. Berlin, Overton Brent; Berlin, E. A.; Breedlove, D. E.; Duncan, T.; Jara, V.; Astorga; Laughlin, R. M.; Velasco, T.
2003 Higher Learning: Educational Availability and Flexible Citizenship in Global Space. Diversity and Citizenship Education. James A. Banks (ed.) , New York: J. Wiley, pp. 49-70. Ong, Aihwa
1955 Hindi Exercises and Readings. Hindi Exercises and Readings. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. Gumperz, John J. 1922-; Fairbanks, Gordon H.; Lehn, Walter; Vardhan, Harsh
1960 Hindi Reader. Hindi Reader, Vol. 1. Berkeley: Center for South Asian Studies, University of California. Gumperz, John J. 1922-
1978 Human behavior and the behavior of other animals. American Psychologist 33(5): 405-418 Washburn, Sherwood L. 1911-2000
1988 Human brain evolution: I. Evolution of language circuits. Intelligence and Evolutionary Biology. H. Jerison and I.U. Jerison, (eds.),pp. 363-381. Proceedings of NATO Advanced Institute, Poppi, Italy. Berlin; New York: Springer-Verlag Deacon, Terrence
1999 Indexicality. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 9(1-2): 124-126 Hanks, William F.
1927 Indian sign language, by William Tomkins. American Anthropologist 29(1): 127-128 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1979 Individual and Social Differences in Language Use. Individual Differences in Language Ability and Language Behavior. C. Fillmore, D. Kempler, and W. S-Y. Wang, (eds.). New York: Academic Press. Gumperz, John J. 1922-; Tannen, Deborah
1999 Intertexts: writings on language, utterance and context. Intertexts: writings on language, utterance and context. Denver: Rowman and Littlefield. 327 p. Hanks, William F.
1996 Interviewing. Kontaktlinguistic: Ein internationales Hanbüch zeitgenössicher Forschung, Volume 1. Hans Goebl, Peter H. Nelde, Zdenek Stary, and Wolfgang Wölck, (eds.), pp. 744-750. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter Briggs, Charles L. 1953-
2002 Introducing the First Voice. Languages of Archaeology, Dialogue, Narrative, and Writing, (The), Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2002, pp. 4-17 Joyce, Rosemary A. 1956-
2005 Introduction: Rethinking Communicative Breakdowns in Ethnography. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Dumas, Nathaniel
2003 Ishi's Ashes: Anthropology and Genocide. Ishi in Three Centuries, K. Kroeber and C. Kroeber (eds), University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln Scheper-Hughes, Nancy 1944-
1977 Jokes and Covert Language Attitudes: The Curious Case of the Wide-Mouth Frog. Language in Society 6: 141-147 Dundes, Alan 1934-2005
1920 Kankanay Ceremonies. University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology Moss, C. R.
1909 Kato Texts, (The). University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology Goddard, Pliny Earle
1951 Kuanyama Ambo Folkore. University of California Anthropological Records Loeb, E. M.
1965 Language. Biennial Review of Anthropology 4: 84-120 Gumperz, John J. 1922-
1975 Language. Man in Culture. Ino Rossi, (ed.). New York: Preager. Gumperz, John J. 1922-; Bennet, Adrian
1923 Language; An Introduction to the Study of Speech, by Edward Sapir. American Anthropologist 25(1): 90-93 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1973 Language and Communication. Explorations in Anthropology: Readings in Culture, Man and Nature. Morton F. Fried, (ed.), pp. 165-182. New York: Crowell Gumperz, John J. 1922-
1967 Language and Communication. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 373: 219-231 Gumperz, John J. 1922-
1980 Language and Communicative Influences on School Performance. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association annual meeting, Boston, MA, April 1980, Included in School-Home Ethnography Report, 1981 Gumperz, John J. 1922-; Simons, Herbert D.
1996 Language and Communicative Practices. Language and communicative practices. Boulder: Westview Press. 335 p. Hanks, William F.
1996 Language and discourse in colonial Yucatan. Le Nouveau Monde, Monde Nouveaux: L'Experience Americaine, Editions sur les Civilizaions, EHESS, Paris, pp. 238-271 Hanks, William F.
1993 Language and Education Policy in the North. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 99: 123-132 Graburn, Nelson H. H.; Iutzi-Mitchell, Roy D.
1992 Language and Educational Policy in the North. Language and Educational Policy in the North. Berkeley: Canadian Studies Program Coordinator: International and Area Studies, Working Papers in Canadian Studies. 220 p. Graburn, Nelson H. H.; Iutzi-Mitchell, Roy D.

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