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Title: Communicability, Racial Discourse, and Disease
Authors: Briggs, Charles L. 1953-
Date: 2005
Source: Annual Review of Anthropology 34: 269-291
Abstract: This review proposes a model for analyzing the power of ideologies of communication in producing subjectivities, organizing them hierarchically, and recruiting people to occupy them. By way of illustration, it compares this productive capacity, which is herein termed communicability, with schemes of racialization and medicalization. The argument draws on critical discourse analysis, conversational analysis, post-Habermasian research on publics, Bakhtin, Bourdieu, Foucault, and work on language ideologies to synthesize a framework for studying spheres of communicability. The concept is then used in exploring how constructions of race and health intersect in some of the most powerful spheres of communicabilitythose associated with colonial medicine, HIV/AIDS, severe accute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Alzheimer's, genetics, clinical trials, "race-based medicine," organ transplant, and biostatistics. The review attempts to connect linguistic anthropology and discourse analysis more productively to medical anthropology, the history of medicine and public health, medical sociology, public health, genetics, and science studies.
Format: article
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