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Title: Return of the First Voice, (The)
Authors: Joyce, Rosemary A. 1956-
Date: 2002
Source: Languages of Archaeology: Dialogue, Narrative, and Writing, (The). Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2002, pp. 133-144
Abstract: (book abstract) This volume provides the first critical examination of the relationship between archaeology and language, analysing the rhetorical practices through which archaeologists create representations of the past. Contents Introduction. 1 Introducing the First Voice: Rosemary Joyce. 2 Writing the Field of Archaeology: Rosemary Joyce and Robert W. Preucel. 3 Dialogues Heard and Unheard, Seen and Unseen: Rosemary Joyce. 4 A Second Voice: Crafting Cosmos: Jeanne Lopiparo. 5 Voices Carry Outside the Discipline: Rosemary Joyce, Carolyn Guyer, and Michael Joyce. 6 The Return of the First Voice: Rosemary Joyce. 7 Final Dialogues: Rosemary Joyce. Bibliography.
Reviews: American Anthropologist
Format: book section
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