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Title: Rethinking Linguistic Relativity
Authors: Gumperz, John J. 1922-; Levinson, Stephen C.
Date: 1996
Source: Rethinking Linguistic Relativity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 488 p.
Notes: Series: Studies in the Social and Cultural Foundations of Language (No. 17)
Abstract: Linguistic relativity is the claim that culture, through language, affects the way in which we think, and especially our classification of the experienced world. This book reexamines ideas about linguistic relativity in the light of new evidence and changes in theoretical climate. Parts I and II address the classical issues in the relation between thought and language, and the extent of linguistic and cultural universals. Parts III and IV show how changes in our understanding of meaning require that we look at how context enters into interpretation, and how context is constituted in social interaction. The editors have provided a substantial introduction which examines changes in thinking about the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis in the light of developments in anthropology, linguistics, and cognitive science; and also introductions to each section which will be of especial use to students.
Reviews: Language 74(3): 638-640
American Anthropologist 100(2): 583-584
Journal of Pragmatics 29(4): 501-504
Language in Society 28(3): 439-443
Anthropos 94(1-3): 272-274
Journal of Indo-European Studies 26(1-2): 276-277
Canadian Journal of Linguistics 42(4): 495-499
Contemporary Psychology 43(6): 403-405
Journal of Indo-European Studies 25(3-4): 492-493
Times Literary Supplement 4943: 27
Subjects: Language and culture
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
Thought and thinking
Format: edited volume
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