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1967 Across the Tracks: Mexican-Americans in a Texas City, by Arthur J. Rubel. American Anthropologist 69(2): 238 Foster, George M. 1913-2006
1979 Action Programmes and the Study of Tourism. Annals of Tourism Research 6(2): 197-199 Graburn, Nelson H. H.; Hetzer, M.
1950 Actividades americanistas del Departamento de Antropologia de la Universidad de California (Berkeley) en 1950. Boletin Bibliografico de Antropologia Americana 18(1): 99-103 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1955 Actividades de la Universidad de California (Berkeley) en el campo de la arqueologia peruana en 1955. Boletin Bibliografico de Antropologia Americana 18(1): 111-114 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1976 Activities of early African hominids: a review of archaeological evidence from the time span two and a half to one million years ago, (The). Human Origins: Louis Leakey and the East African Evidence. G.L. Isaac, E.R. McCown, (ed.), pp. 483-514. Menlo Park, CA: W.A. Benjamin Isaac, Glynn L. 1937-1985
1978 Actual and Implied Visual Space in Maya Vase Painting: A Study of Double Images and Two-Headed Compound Creatures. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Quirarte, Jacinto
1966 La aculturacion yoruba en Cuba. Publicaciones del Centro de Estudios Africanistas 4(1): 1-7 Bascom, William R. 1912-
1970 Adaptability of Traditional Institutions as a Factor in the Formation of Immigrant Voluntary Associations: The Example of Landsmanshaften, (The). Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Curchack, Mark P.
1982 Adaptacion social y status mioritario. Un programa de investigacion en curson referente a los coreanos en Japon. Japon y Corea. Graciela de la Lama (ed.). Mexico City. DeVos, George A.
1978 Adaptation and Adjustment: Cross-Cultural Perspective on Mental Health. Colloquia in Anthropology. 2:21-45. DeVos, George A.
1983 Adaptation and Ethnozoological Classification: Theoretical Implications of Animal Resources and Diet of the Aguaruna and Huambisa. Adaptive Responses of Native Amazonians. Raymond B. Hames and William T. Vickers, (eds.), pp. 301-328. New York: Academic Press Berlin, Overton Brent; Berlin, Elois Ann
1994 Adaptation Sociale des Jeunes Minoritaires Etude Comparée Internationale. Roger Bastide ou Le Réjouissement De L'Abime. Philippe Laburthe-Tolba, (ed), pp. 187-222. Paris: Harmattan DeVos, George A.
1992 Adaptation to Minority Status and Impact on School Success. Theory into Practice 31(4): 287-295 Ogbu, John U. 1939-2003
1983 Adaptive Conflict and Adjustive Coping: Psychocultural Approaches to Ethnic Identity. Studies in Social Identity. Theodore Sarbin and Karl E. Scheibe (eds.), pp. 204-230. New York: Praeger DeVos, George A.
1982 Adaptive Strategies in American Minorities. Minority Mental Health. E. E. Jones and S. Korchin (eds.), pp. 74-117. New York: Praeger DeVos, George A.
1998 Add Elegance to Money: Soviet Parallel Cultures and the Post-Soviet City. Another Landscape: Shaping the Stalinist Space. E. Naiman, E. Dobrenko, (eds.). Indiana University Press Yurchak, Alexei
1954 Addenda and Errata. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers
2003 Addendum. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility
1967 Addendum. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Clewlow, C. William, Jr.; Cowan, Richard A.; O'Connell, James F.; Benemann, Carlos
1909 Additional Catchwords. Journal of American Folklore 22: 332-333 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1955 Additional Data on Fired Clay Human Figurines from California. American Antiquity 21(2): 181-185 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979; Pendergast, David M.
1953 Additional Data on the Farmington Complex, A Stone Implement Assemblage of Probable Early Postglacial Date from Central California. University of California Archaeological Survey Treganza, Adan E.; Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979
2007 Additional Excavations in the KU Sector - N894/E639. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Bruno, Maria; Leighton, Mary
1980 Additional fossil hominids from Laetoli, Tanzania; 1976-1979 specimens. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 53(4): 487-504 White, Tim D. 1950-
1953 Additional note on Chinese soapstone carvings from Meso-America. American Antiquity 19(1): 81 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979
1970 Additional Projectile Points and Lithic Artifacts from Lovelock Cave, Nevada. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Clewlow, C. William, Jr.; Napton, Lewis K.
1952 Address of greeting by the President of the Congress. Acculturation in the Americas: proceedings and selected papers of the XXIXth International Congress of Americanists, Edited by Sol Tax, Chicago: The University of Chicago press, pp. 12-14 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
2004 Addressing Ethnic Conflicts in the Caucasus. Anthropology News 45(4): 17. Graburn, Nelson H. H.; Lee, Molly
1951 Adivinanzas: una de las formas del folklore cubano. Revista de Folklore (Bogota) 6: 289-303 Bascom, William R. 1912-; Bascom, Berta M.
2007 Adolescents and Individuality in a Zimbabwean Tonga Community. Tonga-Speaking Peoples of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Essays in Honor of Elizabeth Colson, (The). Chet Lancaster, Kenneth P. Vickery, (eds.), pp. 171-202. Lanham, MD: University Press of America Reynolds, Pamela
1930 Adoption among the Gunantuna, by Joseph Maier. American Anthropologist 32(1): 178 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1930 Adoption, Primitive. Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences 1: 459-460 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1982 Adoption: The Importance of Infant Choice. Journal of Human Evolution 11(5): 391-420 Dolhinow, Phyllis 1933-; DeMay, M.
1985 Adoption: The Importance of Infant Choice. Human Ethology Abstracts IV. Vandiver and E. Thelen, (eds.). Dolhinow, Phyllis 1933-
1995 ADR: Coercion or Compromise?. California Lawyer (May) pp. 37-41 Nader, Laura 1930-
1989 ADR Explosion: The Implications of Rhetoric in Legal Reform, (The). Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice (University of Windsor, Ontario) pp. 269-291 Nader, Laura 1930-
1976 Adrar Bous and African Cattle. Proceedings of the VIIth Pan-African Congress on Prehistory and Quaternary Studies, Addis Ababa, 1971. Berhanou Abebe, (ed.), pp. 487-493. Addis Ababa Clark, John Desmond 1916-2002
1998 Advances in New World Archaeology: 1996 [1996 Nen no Doko: America]. Archaeologia Japonica: Annual Report of the Japanese Archaeological Association [Nihon Kokogaku Nenpo] 29: 86-90 Habu, Junko 1959-; Inomata, T.
2007 Advances in Polynesian Prehistory: A Review and Assessment of the Past Decade (1993-2004). Journal of Archaeological Research 15(3): 192-238 Kirch, Patrick V. 1950-; Kahn, Jennifer G.
1982 Advances in Polynesian prehistory: Three decades in review. Advances in World Archaeology. F. Wendorf and A. Close, (eds.), 1: 51-97. New York: Academic Press Kirch, Patrick V. 1950-
1967 Adventures of two Pucara statues, (The). Peruvian archaeology; selected readings. J.H. Rowe and D. Menzel, (ed.), pp. 125-131. Palo Alto: Peek Publications Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1958 Adventures of two Pucara statues, (The). Archaeology 11(4): 255-261 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1918 Adverbial and prepositional prefixes in Blackfoot, (The), by G. D. Geers. International Journal of American Linguistics 1(2): 184-185 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1963 Advertising and Folklore. New York Folklore Quarterly 19: 143-151 Dundes, Alan 1934-2005
1927 Adze, Canoe, and House Types of the Northwest Coast. University of Washington Publications in Anthropology 2: 1-28 Olson, Ronald L. 1895-1979
1967 Adze, Canoe, and House Types of the Northwest Coast. Quinault Indians, (The): Adze, Canoe, and House Types of the Northwest Coast. University of Washington Publications in Anthropology Olson, Ronald L. 1895-1979
1975 Aerial photography in anthropological field research, edited by Evan Z. Vogt. American Scientist 64(4): 474 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
2006 Aesthetic Construction: Graffiti Explored Through Ideas of Aesthetics, Space and Community. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Bullard, Britta
2006 Aesthetic faculty, (The). Artful Mind, (The): Cognitive Science and the Riddle of Human Creativity. M. Turner, S. Zeki, (eds.), pp. 21-53. Oxford University Press. Deacon, Terrence
1985 Aesthetics and Ritual in the United Arab Emirates: the Anthropology of Food and Personal Adornment among Arabian Women, by Aida Sami Kanafani. Middle East Journal 39(2): 386-387 Nader, Laura 1930-

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