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1945 Absolute chronology in the Andean area. American Antiquity 10(3): 265-284 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1958 Abstract 132. African Abstracts 9(2) Shack, William A. 1923-2000
1973 Abstract: Government-issue garments in the Inca Empire. Junius B. Bird Pre-Columbian Textile Conference 1973, (The). Washington ,DC; May 19-20, 1973. Abstracts of papers with illustrative slides, p. 19. The Textile Museum; Dumbarton Oaks, Washington Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1962 Abstract of an Archaeological Approach to Eighteenth Century Arikara Kinship Change (Ph.D. thesis). Abstracts in New World Archaeology, vol. 2, Society for American Archaeology, 1962 Deetz, James F. 1930-2000
1959 Abstracts 19-20. African Abstracts 10(1) Shack, William A. 1923-2000
1958 Abstracts 249-254, 258-261. African Abstracts 9(3) Shack, William A. 1923-2000
1959 Abstracts 317-323. African Abstracts 10(3) Shack, William A. 1923-2000
1959 Abstracts 464-477. African Abstracts 10(4) Shack, William A. 1923-2000
1950 Abstracts: Nos. 315, 316, 320, 322, 324, 326, 327, 359, 366 370, 437, 449.. African Abstracts 1(3): 99-141 Bascom, William R. 1912-
1958 Abstracts: Nos. 389, 391, 396, 413, 484, 488, 492, 493, 496, 498, 502, 505, 513, 516, 575, 584.. African Abstracts 9(4): 147-191 Bascom, William R. 1912-
1951 Abstracts: Nos. 4, 7, 12, 16, 59.. African Abstracts 2(1): 2-17 Bascom, William R. 1912-
1950 Abstracts: Nos. 487, 527, 540.. African Abstracts 1(4): 155-168 Bascom, William R. 1912-
1972 Abyssinians, (The), by D. Buxton. American Anthropologist 74(1): 23 Shack, William A. 1923-2000
1969 Academic Colonialism: Not So Innocent Abroad. Nation, (The), 209(16): 505-8 Berreman, Gerald 1930-
1990 Academic Freedom. San Francisco Examiner, Dec. 21, p. A-27 Nader, Laura 1930-
1989 Academic Freedom and Apartheid: The Story of the World Archaeological Congress, by Peter Ucko.. American Antiquity 54(1): 213 Clark, John Desmond 1916-2002
2002 Academic Freedom, Stewardship, and Cultural Heritage: Weighing the Interests of Stakeholders in Crafting Repatriation Approaches. Dead and their Possessions: Repatriation in principle, policy and practice, (The), C. Fforde, J. Hubert and P. Turnball (eds), pp. 99-107. London: Routledge Joyce, Rosemary A. 1956-
1975 Academic Opportunity in Anthropology, 1974-1990. American Anthropologist 77(4): 753-773 Hammel, Eugene A. 1930-; D'Andrade, R. G.; Adkins, D.; McDaniel, C.
1940 Acculturation among Pomo Women. Acculturation among Pomo Women. M.A. Thesis. University of Minnesota. Colson, Elizabeth 1917-
1941 Acculturation among the Gullah Negroes. American Anthropologist 43(1): 43-50 Bascom, William R. 1912-
1969 Acculturation Among the Gullah Negroes. Making of Black America, (The), Vol. 1. A. Meier and E. Rudwick, (eds.), pp. 34-41. New York: Atheneum Bascom, William R. 1912-
1953 Acculturation in Californian Awl Forms. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Meighan, Clement W.
1971 Acculturation in Tanö Niha (The Island of Nias). Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Danandjadja, James
1952 Acculturation in the Americas; selected papers of the XXIXth International Congress of Americanists [vol. 2], edited by Sol Tax. Hispanic American Historical Review 32(4): 568-571 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
2001 Aceramic Midden on Emussau Island (Site EKS), (An). Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Weisler, Marshall I.
2004 Acerca de Anfitriones y Huéspedes: La Oración Judía en España. La Antropologia como Pasión y como Práctica: Ensayos In Honorem Jullian Pitt-Rivers. Honorio M. Velasco, (ed.), pp. 151-160. Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Brandes, Stanley H.
1963 Acheulian hunter-gatherers in sub-Saharan Africa. African Ecology and Human Evolution, Edited by F. Clark Howell and F. Bourliere, Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology, no. 36, pp.458-532 Howell, Francis Clark 1925-2007; Clark, J. D.
1964 Acheulian Hunter-Gatherers of Sub-Saharan Africa. African Ecology and Human Evolution, Edited by F. Clark Howell and Francois Bourlire, Chicago, Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology Clark, John Desmond 1916-2002; Howell, F. Clark
1985 Acheulian man in Ethiopia's Middle Awash Valley: The implications of cutmarks on the Bodo cranium. Kroon Memorial Lecture, 1985: Albert Egges van Giffen Instituut voor Prae-en Protohistorie van de Univ. van Amsterdam. Harlem, Netherlands: Enschede en Zonen. Pp. 1-33 White, Tim D. 1950-
1981 Acheulian occupation at Ambrona (Spain). Society for American Archaeology, 46th Annual Meeting, San Diego Howell, Francis Clark 1925-2007
1966 Acheulian occupation sites in the Middle East and Africa: A study in cultural variability. American Anthropologist 68(2): 202-229 Clark, John Desmond 1916-2002
1968 Achievement and Innovation in Culture and Personality. Study of Personality: An Interdisciplinary Appraisal, (The). Edward Norbeck, Douglas Price-Williams, and William H. McCord, (eds.), pp. 348-370. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. DeVos, George A.
1970 Achievement, Culture and Personality: The Case of Japanese Americans. Minority Responses: Comparative Views of Reactions to Subordination. Minako Kurokawa, (ed.), pp. 179-186. New York: Random House DeVos, George A.; Caudill, William
1956 Achievement, Culture and Personality: The Case of the Japanese Americans. American Anthropologist 58(6): 1102-1126 DeVos, George A.; Caudill, William
1961 Achievement, Culture and Personality: The Case of the Japanese Americans. Achievement, Culture and Personality: The Case of the Japanese Americans." In Yehudi A. Cohen (ed.), Social Structure and Personality (New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1961), 391-405 DeVos, George A.; Caudill, William
1966 Achievement, Culture and Personality: The Case of the Japanese Americans. Racial and Ethnic Relations. Bernard E. Segal, (ed.), pp. 77-78. New York: Thomas Crowell Co. DeVos, George A.; Caudill, William
1967 Achievement, Culture and Personality: The Case of the Japanese Americans. School Children in the Urban Slum. Joan I. Roberts, (ed.), pp. 311-326. New York: The Free Press DeVos, George A.; Caudill, William
1966 Achievement, Culture and Personality: The Case of the Japanese Americans. Disadvantaged Learner, (The). Staten W. Webster, (ed.), pp. 208-228. San Francisco: Chandler Publishing Co. DeVos, George A.; Caudill, William
1973 Achievement, Culture and Personality: The Case of William Caudill. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 157(4): 232-236 DeVos, George A.; Vogel, Ezra
1983 Achievement Motivation and Intra-Family Attitudes in Immigrant Koreans. Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology 6(1): 25-71 DeVos, George A.
1979 Achievement Orientation and the Image of Limited Good in the French Alps. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Wagner, Richard Vernon
1974 Achievement Orientation, Social Self-Identity, and Japanese Economic Growth. Modern Japan: An Interpretive Anthology, Irwin Scheiner (ed.), pp. 155-164. New York: MacMillan Publishing Co. DeVos, George A.
1965 Achievement Orientation, Social Self-Security, and Japanese Economic Growth. Asian Survey 5(12): 575-589 DeVos, George A.
1995 Achieving an Anthropology Library Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1928 Achomawi Geography. University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology Kniffen, F. B.
1976 Achondroplastic Dwarf from the Augustine Site (CA-Sac-127), (An). Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Hoffman, J. Michael
1950 Acknowledgments; Information for Authors. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Bachenheimer, Richard
1938 Aconite arrow poison in the Old and New World. Washington Academy of Sciences 28(8): 358-364 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979
1943 Aconite poison whaling in Asia and America: an Alentian transfer to the New World. U.S. Bureau of American Ethnology, Anthropological Papers no. 24 in B.A.E. Bulletin 133: 415-468 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979
2000 Across the Pacific: Asian Americans and Globalization, edited by Evelyn Hu-DeHart. Journal of Asian American Studies 3(2): 258-260 Ong, Aihwa

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