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1967 Ancient Graves of Conanicut Island, (The). Newport History 128(40): 153-175 Simmons, William S. 1938-
1943 Ancient grooved clubs and modern rabbit sticks. American Antiquity 8(1): 41-56 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979
1942 Ancient Grooved Clubs and Modern Rabbit-sticks. American Antiquity 8(1): 41-56 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979
1966 Ancient heavy transport: methods and achievements. Science 153(3738): 821-830 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979
2003 Ancient "house society" of the 'Opunohu Valley, Mo'orea: Overview of an archaeological project 2001-2002, (The). Bilan de la Recherche Archéologique en Polynésie Française, 2001-2002. H. Marchesi, (ed.), pp. 21-36. Punaauia: Service de la Culture et du Patrimoine, Polynésie Française. Kirch, Patrick V. 1950-; Kahn, J.
1915 Ancient Hunters and Their Modern Representatives. American Anthropologist 17(3): 575-576 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1977 Ancient Indian Camp in Nevada Described. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Penrose, R. J.
2004 Ancient Jomon of Japan. Ancient Jomon of Japan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 348 p. Habu, Junko 1959-
1949 Ancient Man in South America. Indian Tribes of Aboriginal America, ed. By Sol Tax. Vol. 3, Proceedings, 24th International Congress of Americanists, New York McCown, Theodore D. 1908-1969
1947 Ancient Maya, by Sylvanus Griswold Morley. Pacific Historical Review 16(2): 181-83 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1967 Ancient Men of the Arctic, by J. Louis Giddings. Brown Alumni Monthly 68(1): 24-26 Simmons, William S. 1938-
1981 Ancient Mesoamerica: Selected Readings. Ancient Mesoamerica: Selected Readings, Second Edition. Palo Alto: Peek Publications. 366 p. Graham, John A. 1936-
1992 Ancient Nahua Civilization, By William Fowler. Latin American Antiquity 3(1): 83-85 Joyce, Rosemary A. 1956-
1945 Ancient oikoumene as an historic culture aggregate, Huxley Memorial Lecture for 1945, (The). Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland 75(1/2): 139-140 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1963 Ancient Olla Manufactory on Santa Catalina Island, California. University of California Archaeological Survey Schumacher, Paul
1962 Ancient sun kingdoms of the Americas: Aztec, Maya, Inca, (The), by Victor Wolfgang Von Hagen. Archaeology 15(4): 293-294 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1973 ...and in a biochemical laboratory. Natural History 82(10): 73-74 Sarich, Vincent
2005 And you thought it was new. . . People swapping jokes on the Internet don't realise they may be hundreds of years old. Business Times Singapore, April 2, 2005 Reed, Christopher
1923 Andaman Islanders, (The), by A. R. Brown. American Anthropologist 25(4): 572-575 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1951 Andean culture history: an apology and clarification. American Antiquity 16(4): 356 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1949 Andean culture history, by Wendell C. Bennett and Junius B. Bird. Hispanic American Historical Review 29(4): 598-600 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1950 Andean Culture History, by Wendell C. Bennett and Junius B. Bird. American Antiquity 16(2): 172-173 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
2003 Andean luxury foods: special food for the ancestors, the deities, and the elite. Antiquity 77(297): 545-554 Hastorf, Christine A. 1950-
1976 Anemic and Emetic Analyses in Social Anthropology. Selected Papers from the American Anthropologist 1946-1970, Robert Murphy (ed), pp. 405-414. Washington, DC: American Anthropological Association Berreman, Gerald 1930-
1966 Anemic and Emetic Analyses of Social Anthropology. American Anthropologist 68(2): 346-54 Berreman, Gerald 1930-
1976 Anemic and emetic analysis in social anthropology. Selected Papers from the American Anthropologist, 1946-1970. Robert F. Murphy, (ed.), pp. 405-413. Washington, D.C.: American Anthropological Association Berreman, Gerald 1930-
1991 "The Angel of Death Replied": Absence and Longing in a Moroccan Space of Memory. "The Angel of Death Replied": Absence and Longing in a Moroccan Space of Memory. Ph.D. dissertation. Princeton University. 671 p. Pandolfo, Stefania
1978 Animal behavior and social anthropology. Society 15: 35-41 Washburn, Sherwood L. 1911-2000
1978 Animal behavior and social anthropology. Sociobiology and Human Nature. M. Gregory, et al., (eds.), pp. 53-74. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Washburn, Sherwood L. 1911-2000
1940 Animal ceremonialism in central California in the lights of archaeology. American Anthropologist 42(4): 587-603 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979; Hewes, Gordon W.
1969 Animal Domestication in the Neolithic Cultures of the Southwest part of European USSR. Domestication and Exploitation of Plants and Animals, (The). P. Ucko and G. Dimbleby, (ed.). London: Duckworth; Chicago: Aldine Publishing Co. Tringham, Ruth E.
1984 Animal Metaphors and Social Control in Tzintzuntzan. Ethnology 23(3): 207-215 Brandes, Stanley H.
1899 Animal tales of the Eskimo. Journal of American Folklore 12(44): 17-23 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1961 Animals, Climate and Palaeolithic Man. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers McCown, Theodore D. 1908-1969
1950 Animistic and Rational Thought. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Tax, Sol
1978 Anna Hadwick Gayton, 1899-1977. American Anthropologist 80(3): 653-656 Rowe, John Howland 1918-2004
1983 Annals Index: Introduction and Index to Volumes 1-10, (The). Annals of Tourism Reseach 10(4): 583-599 Graburn, Nelson H. H.; Illum, Steve
1929 An-niki-a-del: The history of the universe as told by the Modesse Indians of California, by C. Hart Merriam. American Anthropologist 31(3): 516-517 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1971 Annotated Bibliography for Olmec Art. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Garbe, Patricia (University of Arizona)
1983 Annotated Bibliography of American Indian and Eskimo Autobiographies, by H. David Brumble III, (An). International Journal of Oral History 4(2): 136-138 Brandes, Stanley H.
1980 Annotated Bibliography of Archaeological Reports Relative to San Diego County, (An). Annotated Bibliography of Archaeological Reports Relative to San Diego County, (An). Cultural Resource Management Center Publication No. 1, Department of Anthropology, San Diego State University. Shackley, M. Steven; Kidder, Fred
1973 Annotated Bibliography of Native American Autobiographies and Life Histories, (An). Kroeber Anthropological Society (non-series) Pastron, Allen G.
1965 Annotated list of the most important palaeolontological (mammalian) and arhcaeological assemblages associated with the Rift Valleys of Kenya, (An). East African Rift Systems, Proceedings of a seminar sponsored by the Upper Mantle Committee of the International Geophysical Union and UNESCO, Nairobi: University College, pp. 44-49 Isaac, Glynn L. 1937-1985
1998 Announcement of Leakey Prize Awarded to F. Clark Howell. Bio File Newsletter
1990 Annual mortality patterns of a mammal community in central Panama. Journal of Tropical Ecology 6(4): 493-499 Milton, Katharine
1991 Annual patterns of leaf and fruit production by six Neotropical Moraceae species. Journal of Ecology 79(1): 1-26 Milton, Katharine
1960 Annual Report Commission for the Preservation of Natural and Historical Monuments and Relics 1959. Annual Report Commission for the Preservation of Natural and Historical Monuments and Relics 1959 Clark, John Desmond 1916-2002
1960 Annual Report Rhodes Livingstone Museum 1959. Annual Report Rhodes Livingstone Museum 1959 Clark, John Desmond 1916-2002
1960 Annual Report Victoria Falls Trust 1959. Annual Report Victoria Falls Trust 1959, Northern Rhodesia Clark, John Desmond 1916-2002
1998 Antecedentes de Berkeley 68. Journada Semenal, (La) 4: 6-7 Brandes, Stanley H.

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