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Title: 2007 Berkeley William Sloane Coffin Awards - Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Authors: Scheper-Hughes, Nancy 1944-
Date: 2007
Source: First Congregational Church of Berkeley, April 12, 2007.
Abstract: Two professors at the University of California Berkeley received the first William Sloane Coffin Awards at FCCB on on Thursday, April 12. The 2007 Berkeley WSC Award Committee selected Robert N. Bellah and Nancy Scheper-Hughes (shown at right with Minister of Campus Life Shelly Dieterle) to receive this first award, which honors recipients for their moral leadership at UC Berkeley. Coffin, a close friend to FCCB and Senior Minister Patricia de Jong, was a respected, prophetic, moral voice and leader on campuses and throughout the world during the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and, up until his death, the nuclear arms race. This award honors his life work and those who continue it. The award committee included faculty of many faith traditions, university staff and students, and FCCB staff and members.
Subjects: Scheper-Hughes, Nancy 1944-
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