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1980 America in the 1980s: Issues for Anthropologists. Proceedings of a Panel Discussion sponsored by the Anthropology Resource Center at the 79th Annual Meeting of the AAA Working Paper No.2 (Berreman as panelist pp.16-19) Berreman, Gerald 1930-
1912 American and English Methods in Ethnology. American Anthropologist 14(2): 398-399 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1990 American Apocalypse: The Great Fire and the Myth of Chicago, by Ross Miller. Los Angeles Times Book Review, pp. 3, June 4th Holston, James
1966 American Concept of Folklore, (The). Journal of the Folklore Institute 3: 226-249 Dundes, Alan 1934-2005
1944 American Contributions to Anthropology. Science 100(2598): 321-327 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1923 American culture and the Northwest Coast. American Anthropologist 25(1): 1-20 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1940 American Culture History. American Anthropologist 42(3): 409-428 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1984 American Exhibition of 1887, (The). World's Fair 4(2) Benedict, Burton
1966 American Folklore. New Book of Knowledge, (The), New York: Grolier, pp.309-314 Dundes, Alan 1934-2005
1985 American Game of 'Smear the Queer' and the Homosexual Component of Male Competitive Sport and Warfare, (The). Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology 8: 115-129 Dundes, Alan 1934-2005
1988 American Historical Archaeology: Methods and Results. Science 239(4838): 362-367 Deetz, James F. 1930-2000
1918 American Indian: An introduction to the anthropology of the New World, (The), by Clark Wissler. American Anthropologist 20(2): 203-209 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1952 American Indian: background and contributions, (The). One America: the history, contributions, and present problems of our racial and national minorities, Edited by Francis J. Brown and Joseph S. Roucek, New York: Prentice-Hall Inc., pp. 27-31 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979
1922 American Indian, by Clark Wissler, (The). Freeman, (The), August 16, 5: 547-548 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1930 American Indian Cultures. American Mercury 20: 362-366 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1915 American Indian Dances. American Museum Journal 15: 95-102 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1976 American Indian Ethnohistory: California and Great Basin-Plateau Indians, edited by D.A. Horr. Journal of California Anthropology 3(2): 94-95 Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979
1961 American Indian Films. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Barrett, S. A.
1963 American Indian Student Slang. American Speech 38(4): 270-277 Dundes, Alan 1934-2005; Porter, C. F.
1924 American Indians: Tribes of the Prairies and the East, by Hermann Dengler. American Anthropologist 26(2): 269 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1968 American Jewish Vacation Pattern: The Accommodation of Conjugal Tensions, (An). Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Plotnicov, Leonard
1948 American people: a study in national character, by Geoffrey Gorer. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 43(4): 553-55 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1949 American People, (The), by Geoffrey Gorer. Man 49: 34 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1957 American Philosophical Society, for the Fifth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Philadelphia, September 4, 1956, (The). Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 101(1): 1-3 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1945 American Psychiatric Association, One Hundred Years of American Psychiatry. American Journal of Psychiatry 102(1): 139-141 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
1932 American: the Life Story of a Great Indian, by Frank B. Linderman. American Anthropologist 34(3): 532-533 Lowie, Robert H. 1883-1957
2005 Americanization of International Law, (The). Mobile People, Mobile Law: Expanding Legal Relations in a Contracting World. Franz von Benda-Beckmann, Keebet von Benda-Beckmann, Anne Griffiths (eds), pp. 199-213. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Nader, Laura 1930-
1983 Americans' Vacations: Further Comments on Class and Lifestyle. Annals of Tourism Research 10(2): 270-273 Graburn, Nelson H. H.
1983 American's Vacations: Further comments on class and lifestyle. Annals of Tourism Research 10(2): 270-273 Graburn, Nelson H. H.
1989 America's Fascinating Indian Heritage, edited by James A. Maxwell. American Indian Quarterly 13(3): 272-273 Simmons, William S. 1938-
1930 L'Amerique pre-colombienne et la conquete europeene [sic], by Louis Pierre Langlois. American Anthropologist 32(4): 690-691 Kroeber, Alfred L. 1876-1960
1977 Amino acids in fossil woods. Nature 267: 468 Clark, John Desmond 1916-2002; Kleindienst, M. K.; Lee, C.
2006 Among Stone Giants, by J. Van Tilburg. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 42(2): 181-182 Kirch, Patrick V. 1950-
1982 Among the People. Native Yugoslav Ethnography: Selected Writings of Milenko S. Filipovic. E.A. Hammel, R. S. Ehrich, R. Fabijanic-Filipovic, J. M. Halpern and A. B. Lord, (eds.), Papers in Slavic Philology 3. Ann Arbor: Michigan Slavic Publications Hammel, Eugene A. 1930-
1973 Amulet. World Book Encyclopedia, 1973 Dundes, Alan 1934-2005
2000 Ana Manuka: A prehistoric ritualistic site on Mangaia, Cook Islands. Antiquity 74(286): 873-883 Kirch, Patrick V. 1950-; Steadman, D.; Anton, S.
1967 Análisis antropológico intercultural de un programa de ayuda técnica. Medicina y antropología. Gonzalo Aguirre Beltrán, (ed.). México, D.F.: Instituto Indigenista Interamericano, Documentos de Trabajo AM. l-ll, Cuadernos No. l. (AM-3). Foster, George M. 1913-2006
1997 Análisis de energía dispersiva de fluorescencia de rayos x (EDXRF) en artefactos de obsidiana y estándares de yacimiento de cinco sitios arqueológicos en Bahía de los Angeles, Baja California Norte: tempered de campo 1995. Investigaciónes de Ecología Social y Cambis entre Culturas Prehistóricas en la Región de Bahía de los Angeles, Baja California (1995). E.W. Ritter, (ed.), pp. 202-210. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexicali, Baja California. Shackley, M. Steven
1995 Análisis de energía dispersiva de flurescencia de rayos x (edxrf) en aretefactos de obsidiana de ocho sitios arqueológicos en Bahía de los Angeles, Baja California Norte: temporada de campo 1994. Investigaciónes de Ecología Social y Cambios entre Culturas Prehistóricas en la Región de Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California. E.W. Ritter, (ed.), pp. 197-208. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexicali, Baja California. Shackley, M. Steven
1994 Análisis de energiva dispersiva en fluorescencia de rayos x (EDXRF) de artefactos de obsidiana de sitios arquelógicos en Bahía de Los Angeles y materials de una fuente de obsidiana en Isla Angel de la Guarda, Baja California. Investigaciónes de ecologia social y cambios entre culturas prehistóricas en la región de Bahía de Los Angeles, Baja California. Eric Ritter, (ed.), pp. 172-184. Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, Mexicali, Baja California. Shackley, M. Steven
1988 Análisis sociolingüístico del discurso Warao: notas preliminares sobre las formas seculares. Montalban 20:103-120 Briggs, Charles L. 1953-
1965 Analysis by X-Ray Fluorescence of Some American Obsidians. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Weaver, J. R.; Stross, Fred H.
1966 Analysis of a Surface Collection from High Rock Canyon Site 26-WA-177, Nevada, (An). University of California Archaeological Survey Ragir, Sonia; Lancaster, Jane
1968 Analysis of American Obsidians by X-Ray Fluorescence and Neutron Activation Analysis. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Stross, Fred H.; Heizer, Robert F. 1915-1979; Graham, John A. 1936-
1976 Analysis of an early hominid ulna from the Omo basin, Ethiopia. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 44(2): 295-304 Howell, Francis Clark 1925-2007; McHenry H. M.; Corruccini, R. S.
1951 Analysis of anatomical difference, (The). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 9(2): 235 Washburn, Sherwood L. 1911-2000
1975 Analysis of Ancient Feces: A Discussion and Annotated Bibliography. Publications of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility (non-serial) Wilke, Philip J.; Hall, H. J.
1978 Analysis of Ceramic Design: A New Method for Chronological Seriation, (The). Little Colorado Planning Unit, (The). Fred Plog, (ed.), pp. 38-63. Anthropological Research Papers 13. Tempe, Arizona: Arizona State Univeristy Lightfoot, Kent G. 1953-; Hantman, Jeffrey
1979 Analysis of Earlier Stone Age bifaces from Gadeb (Locality 8E), Northern Bale Highlands, Ethiopia, (An). South African Archaeological Bulletin 34: 93-109 Clark, John Desmond 1916-2002; Kurashina, H.
1950 Analysis of facial growth, (The). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 8(2): 271 Washburn, Sherwood L. 1911-2000

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