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1987 Albumin evolution and subfamilial relationships among the New World leaf-nosed bats (Family Phyllostomidae). Journal of Mammalogy 68: 508-517 Sarich, Vincent; Honeycutt, R. L.
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1960 Algunos procesos de los cambios socio-culturales.. Boletin Informativo 29-30: 6-9 Foster, George M. 1913-2006
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1985 Alteration of N15/N14 and C13/C12 ratios of plant matter during the initial stages of diagenesis: Studies utilizing archaeological specimens from Peru. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 49: 97-115 Hastorf, Christine A. 1950-; DeNiro, M.
1999 Alternative modernities: statecraft and religious imagination in the Valley of the Dawn. American Ethnologist 26(3): 605-631 Holston, James
1973 Alternative Taxonomic Classification for Ethnic Groups, (An). Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Johnson, Thomas; Nelson, Hal
1980 Alternatives to the American Judicial System. No Access to Law: Alternatives to the American Judicial System. Laura Nader, (ed.), pp. 3-55. New York: Academic Press. Nader, Laura 1930-
2004 L'Altro Rene: Una Biopolitica Non Riconosciuta. Corpi in Vendita: Interi e a Pezzi. Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Loc Wacquant (eds). Verona: Ombre Corte Cohen, Lawrence
1979 Altun Ha Jade Plaque: Deciphering the Inscription, (The). Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Mathews, Peter; Pendergast, David M..
1965 Ambo. Encyclopedia Britannica 1: 719 Bascom, William R. 1912-
1982 Ambrona: An early stone age site on the Spanish meseta. L. S. B. Leakey Foundation News 22: 1, 11-13 Howell, Francis Clark 1925-2007; Freeman, L. G.
1985 America at the First World's Fair. World's Fair 5(4) Benedict, Burton

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