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1980 Afterword. Quiet Therapies, (The), by David Reynolds. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu. Pp. 113-132. DeVos, George A.
2007 Afterword: Concept Work. Biosocialities, Genetics and the Social Sciences: Making Biologies and Identities. Sahra Gibbon, Carlos Novas, (eds.), pp. 188-192. London and New York: Routledge. Rabinow, Paul
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2005 Afterword: On the Pleasures of 'Muddling Through' in Ethnography. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Marcus, George E.
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1975 Aguaruna Color Categories. American Ethnologist 2(1): 61-87 Berlin, Overton Brent; Berlin, Elois Ann
2005 Aids and Behavioural Change: Gwembe Valley, Zambia. African Social Research 51: 1-19. Special issue: HIV/AIDS and Primary Health Care in Zambia Colson, Elizabeth 1917-
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1978 Aith Waryaghar of the Moroccan Rif, (The), by David Hart. Ethnohistory 25(2): 194-195 Rabinow, Paul
1959 Aku-Aku, the Secret of Easter Island, by Thor Heyerdahl and Espiritu Santo. Pacific Affairs 32(2): 227-229 Benedict, Burton
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2006 Alan Dundes (1934-2005). American Anthropologist 108(1): 268-271 Brandes, Stanley H.; Nader, Laura
2005 Alan Dundes, 70; Folklorist Drew Laughs and Hostility. Los Angeles Times, April 3 2005, p. B14 Oliver, Myrna
2005 Alan Dundes, 70, Folklorist who studied human custom, dies. New York Times, April 2, 2005. p. A12. Fox, Margalit
2005 Alan Dundes: Professor of Anthropology and Folklore. Alan Dundes: Professor of Anthropology and Folklore
1997 Alaska Commercial Company Collection, at the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, (The). American Indian Art Magazine 22(1): 66-81 Graburn, Nelson H. H.
1996 Alaska Commercial Company Collection at the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, (The). American Indian Art Magazine 21(Winter): 66-75 Graburn, Nelson H. H.
1997 Alaskan Life in the 1890s As Sketched by Native Artists, by George Phebus, Jr. American Indian Culture and Research Journal 21(1): 229-302 Graburn, Nelson H. H.
1962 Alberto Carlo Blanc (1906-1960). Quaternaria 6: 3-8 Howell, Francis Clark 1925-2007

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