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1996 Food and Diet. Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology, (The), ed. By D. Levinson and M. Ember (New York: Henry Holt and Co.) 503-508 Milton, Katharine
1981 Food choice and digestive strategies of two sympatric primate species. American Naturalist 117(4): 496-505 Milton, Katharine
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1992 Frog secretions and hunting magic in the Upper Amazon: identification of a peptide interacting with adenosine receptor. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 89(22): 10960-10963 Milton, Katharine; Daly, J. W.; Chaceres, J.; Moni, R.; Gusovsky, F.; Moos, M., Jr.; Seamon, K.; Myers, C. W.
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2000 Hunter-gatherer diets: a different perspective. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 71(3): 665-667 Milton, Katharine
1996 Interactions between a host-specific bot fly, Alouattamyia baeri, and a free-ranging howler monkey (Alouatta palliata) population in Panama. Journal of Zoology 239: 39-63 Milton, Katharine
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1990 Isolation, structure and synthesis of novel 4-quinolinone alkaloids from Esenbeckia leiocarpa. Journal of Natural Products 53: 1058-1513 Milton, Katharine; Nakatsu, T.; Johns, T.; Kubo, I.; Sakai, M.; Chtani, K.; Saito, K.; Yamagiwa, Y.; Kamikawa, T.
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1977 Lorisform wrist joint and the evolution of "brachiating" adaptations in the Hominoidea, (The). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 47(2): 249-272 Milton, Katharine; Cartmill, M.
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1997 Real Men Don't Eat Deer. Discover 18(6): 46-50 Milton, Katharine
1979 Relacion entre las estrategias empleadas en la busqueda de alimentos y la distribucion y seleccion de estos en el caso del mono aullador (Alouatta palliata). Actas de IV Symp. Internacional de Ecologia Tropical, March 1977 Milton, Katharine
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1978 Role of the upper canine and p2 in increasing the harvesting efficiency of Hapalemur griseus Link 1795. Journal of Mammology 59: 188-190 Milton, Katharine
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1975 Urine-rubbing behavior in the mantled howler monkey. Folia primatologica 23: 105-112 Milton, Katharine
1996 Women's voices from the rainforest, by Janet Gabriel Townsend, in collaboration with Ursula Arrevillaga, Jennie Bain, Socorro Cancino, Susan F. Frenk, Silvana Pacheco and Elia Pérez. Journal of Rural Studies 12(3): 324 Milton, Katharine
1977 Preliminary Statistical Analysis of Chipped Crescents from the Great Basin, (A). Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Mitchell, Jimmy L.; Rose, Paula; Castagnetto, Stanley; Hester, Thomas Roy
2003 Appendix 2: Cementum Annuli Seasonality Analysis of Odocoileus hemionus Teeth from Ten Sites on the Big Sur Coast. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Moffitt, Steven A.
2006 On the Corner of Broadway and Broadband: How On-Line Gaming Intersects with the Social Lives of Teenagers at an Internet Café and Beyond. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Molino, Theresa R.
1984 Part Four: Problems of Modernization. Responses to Television in Two Swampy Cree Communities on the West Coast of James Bay. Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers Molohon, Kathryn T.
2007 State, Rural Class Formation and Political Participation in Zambia: the Case of Southern Province, (The). Tonga-Speaking Peoples of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Essays in Honor of Elizabeth Colson, (The). Chet Lancaster, Kenneth P. Vickery, (eds.), pp. 125-152. Lanham, MD: University Press of America. Momba, Jotham
2000 Scholarly Watchdogs for an Ethical Netherworld. Chronicle of Higher Education, October 6, pp. A23-A24 Monaghan, Peter
2003 Beyond Blackmail: Cultural Politics and Multivalent Modernities in India. Regional Modernities, K. Sivaramarkrishnan and A. Agrawal (eds), Delhi: Oxford University Press and Stanford: Stanford University Press, pp. 165-214. Moore, Donald S. 1963-
1998 Clear Waters and Muddies Histories: Environmental History and the Politics of Community in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands: Competing Claims to the Kaerezi River in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands. Journal of Southern African Studies 24(2): 377-404 Moore, Donald S. 1963-
1993 Contesting Terrain in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands: Political Ecology, Ethnography, and Peasant Resource Struggles. Economic Geography 69(4): 380-401 Moore, Donald S. 1963-

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